Paulding County Common Pleas Court

The duties of the Judge of the Paulding County Common Pleas Court include the oversight and disposition of civil, felony criminal and domestic relations cases.

Civil cases include personal injury (accident) cases, employment disputes, contract disputes, workers compensation appeals, legal and medical malpractice.

Felony criminal cases are classified into five categories: first, second, third, fourth, and fifth degree felonies. First-degree felonies are the most serious category, while fifth-degree felonies are the least serious. Additionally, Ohio has a number of felony offenses that are not identified by degree.

The Domestic Relations Division of the Common Pleas Court hears all cases concerning the termination of marriages filed in Paulding County, Ohio. These include divorce cases, dissolutions, legal separations, post-divorce actions, actions involving minor children of married or formerly married parents, child support issues and civil protections orders.

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